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The total prize fund of Roland Garros – 2021 is € 34,367,216, according to the official website of the WTA. The singles winner will receive € 1.4 million.The finalist will earn € 750,000, the semi-finalists – € 375,000. Also in the statement it is reported that last fall, Roland Garros presented an updated court named […]

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  In the first set, Tim had a break in the starting game to win the game. In the second set, the tennis players arranged an exchange of breaks. Subsequently, Tim uses a production break in 11 gamers and in games with each other online. It seemed that Tim would press the Spaniard, because there […]

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INTERNET TRADING: WHAT IS IT SPECIAL? Nowadays, many exchanges have convenient access through the world wide web. This provides a more effective monitoring of prices and turnover, opens up new opportunities for novice traders and simply colossal for professionals. Since the main tool of a trader is technical and fundamental analysis, the Internet is the […]

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TRADING IS WHAT? Activities carried out with the aim of making good money. This kind of work is done by people on special exchanges. The participants in these trades are called traders. In most cases, people who have money for investments play on such exchanges. Who is trading? For example, a person has a good […]

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    HOW TO LEARN TO PLAY TENNIS? Big tennis for adults is a beautiful, active, intellectual and physically developing game. The activities that take place on the court are fascinating and inspiring to start your own training. But having bought sneakers and a racket, it is impossible to play beautifully and with health benefits. […]

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Buying a car is one of the biggest expense items. Not many people have the opportunity to buy a car with zero mileage, and it is almost impossible to find a vehicle without shortcomings on the secondary market. As a rule, such offers have a rich history of operation and various hidden defects. In addition, […]

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How to learn to play tennis for a beginner? Learning the rules of playing tennis Learning to play tennis is not easy. The reason is that this sport is the most difficult both technically and physically. Unlike ball games such as volleyball and basketball, in tennis you need to control the ball not with your […]

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Traveling in Italy is a great option for a family vacation Holidays in Italy Traveling in Italy is a great option for a holiday with the opportunity to immerse yourself in ancient times and see all the beauty of Italy with your own eyes. In Italy you can see many of the greatest architectural monuments, […]