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Big tennis for adults is a beautiful, active, intellectual and physically developing game. The activities that take place on the court are fascinating and inspiring to start your own training.

But having bought sneakers and a racket, it is impossible to play beautifully and with health benefits. The main secret in how to learn to play tennis is to find an experienced coach and listen to his recommendations. And with the purchase of uniforms and rackets should not rush. The choice of shells in this sport is a separate and very serious story. What else do professional coaches warn beginner athletes about?

How to learn to play tennis: School Champion

It is necessary to begin with trifles. To avoid injury, coaches first teach you to hold the racket correctly, control it, and beat off innings. Technique is very important for the accuracy of the shot, and for the speed of the ball, and for the subsequent reflection of the attack.
When developing the body, do not forget about psychology. Tennis is a difficult and exhausting game. It is not possible to make the right pass at once, so a competent coach starts with the psychological training of the athlete. Teaches him to treat defeats and failures on the court correctly.
Learn to “read the game”. Technique without understanding and anticipating the actions of the opponent (game psychology) – nothing. A professional coach, playing in pairs with his pupil, teaches the latter to see the opponent. Big tennis for children is an intellectual game. Without the ability to “see and read” events on the court will not win.
Practice hitting the wall. The first and most invincible opponent of a beginner tennis player is a wall. The more “her innings” taken, the easier it is to beat the opponent.
Train, train and train again. Increasing the pace, increasing the workload and working out techniques, schemes – the first step to victory. A training plan is a must. To compile it, having studied individual features (physical, intellectual and psychological) of the pupil – the task of the trainer.
The victory lies in the desire of the tennis player to win, in any case, the victory and the experience of a coach who is able to instill in a novice tennis player self-confidence. The main secret of professionals – the best tennis players are not born, they become a result of a properly constructed training process.

How is the process of learning tennis played?
At the Champion school, a beginner tennis player is invited to learn the technique of the game – a special set of techniques. Then the techniques of racket and ball control are practiced. The pace of training is increasing, the tasks are becoming more complicated. At the same time it is necessary to take care of physical training of the trained person. Therefore, a set of rehabilitation measures after many hours of training is developed individually. A professional should monitor the process in order for a novice athlete to receive serious workloads. They say that uncontrolled self-training is a way to serious injuries and misunderstanding of this beautiful sport.

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