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Who is trading?
For example, a person has a good job or a successful business. He provides enough for his family, while he has savings or free funds that can be invested in some profitable business. Take it to the bank at interest? Now is the time that any bank can suddenly go bankrupt, and if not, then inflation will eat up a small interest, which does not stimulate trust in such financial institutions during a crisis. Store in a safe at home? Start making your own startup? Invest in real estate? These are often dead-end branches that have drawbacks – it takes either a lot of money (buying real estate), then a lot of time – your own business … And serious risks.

Earnings. This is an activity as a result of which you can multiply your financial resources many times over. Of course, you need to act skillfully – fools with money cannot survive there.

There are two options:

trade on your own
give money to management

Money for management – in fact, the same risks – which specialist gets.
After all, a trader is essentially an ordinary trader. The one that buys cheaper and sells more. But since trading is trading on an exchange, without a direct agreement with the client, the task becomes seriously complicated. The trader is constantly analyzing the value of the product, which today, according to forecasts, should sell well, find a way to invest in this product as little money as possible and by the end of the specified period to receive the maximum amount of profit after the sale.

Updated: 20.05.2024 — 00:17

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