Channel 11

Richard Lewis, director of the All-England Lawn Tennis Club, said that in 2021 it would be impossible to insure Wimbledon in the event of a pandemic. Thanks to insurance, the organizers managed to mitigate the financial consequences of the cancellation of the tournament in 2020. But next year this option will not work.

“In the current situation, it is impossible to insure the tournament. When I first started working in 2012, it was clear that I could not insure against some things. For example, against all sorts of diseases like SARS and swine flu.

While it will be impossible to insure, but then such opportunities will appear, the market will recover. There will be no insurance next year, but in the long run everything will return to normal, “Lewis was quoted as saying by ESPN.

The official also stressed that now the organization is completely stable financially. Therefore, he ruled out the possibility of serious problems due to the cancellation of the Grand Slam tournament.