Patrick Mouratoglou: there is no real connection between tennis and the Olympics

Well-known tennis manager, former coach of the legendary American Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about the position of the Olympics in the tennis calendar.

“There is no real connection between tennis and the Olympics. Many tennis players don’t consider this event that important. This is how it happened historically. For tennis players, winning a Grand Slam is 100 times more important than the Olympic Games. If you look at other sports, most of them have nothing bigger than the Olympics. If you are a professional swimmer, then you have the European Championship, the World Championship and, every four years, the pinnacle, the Olympics. These are your main tournaments. But in tennis – no! In tennis, every year there are “Masters”, performance at which is very important for your ranking, “Grand Slam” tournaments, where the best of the best play,” Mouratoglou said on his social networks.

Updated: 11.10.2023 — 08:56

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