Paula Badosa: Showing vulnerability is a sign of courage and bravery

Former second racket of the world, 26-year-old Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa shared philosophical thoughts on social networks.

“Showing vulnerability is a sign of courage and courage,” Badosa wrote on her social networks.

Badosa is currently ranked 80th in the WTA rankings. The last time Paula took to the court was at a WTA-1000 tournament in Dubai (UAE). In the opening match, Badosa met with world number 181, Swiss Lulu Sun (WC). Sun won the first game with a score of 6:4, after which Paula decided to end the fight. The Spaniard could not hold back her tears when talking with the doctors who came to see her on the court. Badosa later withdrew from the WTA-1000 tournament in Indian Wells (USA) before it started.

Updated: 19.03.2024 — 14:08

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