Tim Henman commented on Djokovic’s withdrawal from the Miami Masters

Former world number four, Briton Tim Henman, spoke about the withdrawal of Serbian Novak Djokovic from the Masters in Miami (USA).

“Given that he is away from his children so often, he really misses them a lot. I’m not sure if this is the reason for the withdrawal.

Actually, it could be any reason because he didn’t say anything specific, but he talked about it a lot in Australia. He said that he missed them when they were not around, that not being there was a huge sacrifice.

He wants them to see him play tennis, of course, but being with his family is just as important to him. He already won everything. Is another title really necessary in Miami? Should you even play if you don’t feel 100%? Of course not.

In a way, it’s quite telling because it would be easy to say, “My elbow is a little sore, the balls are too heavy – I’ll take some time off.”

And no one would say anything, but when you go that route, talking about professional-life balance, it leads to more speculation.

So we’ll keep our fingers crossed that he sorts out all the problems and returns to the court as soon as possible,” the Tennis365 portal quotes Henman as saying.

Updated: 19.03.2024 — 14:06

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